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Beachwood Studios Production Facility

CEO Welcome | Our Business

Welcome to EDR Media…


Like most media companies that have been in business for more than three decades, EDR has witnessed breathtaking shifts over the years. Because media – like the businesses it serves – is never static. Business responds to the changing needs of the marketplace – and transforms the marketplace. It is both chicken and egg.

So it has been with EDR.

We started as a group of writers creating textbooks and communications programs… and grew into a full-service media development and production company.  Today we specialize in producing rich media that communicates to consumers on broadcast television, in stores, and at entertainment facilities. Reaching them where they live, where they shop, and where they relax.

What we do has dramatically changed. But who we are has not changed at all. Put simply, we are a group of media professionals who help our clients get their messages across to their customers and guests.

Whatever your message, whatever its intended audience, you can count on the creative professionals at EDR to help you strategize, develop, and produce unsurpassed media that brings ideas to life.

Media that informs and persuades. Media that strengthens a brand and increases sales. Media that entertains and builds community.

Dynamic media… delivering powerful results.

I invite you to learn more about us. Then let’s talk about how the creative staff at EDR Media can help you craft and produce your next important message.

Peter Vrettas   Peter T. Vrettas
Chief Executive Officer

Our Business

EDR Media creates consumer-focused, rich media solutions for five distinct market segments:

EDR Media is an award-winning developer and producer of a wide spectrum of broadcast television series, how-to videos, corporate communications, and interactive media -- for some of the country’s most prestigious networks and corporations. These programs are enjoyed by millions of viewers on-air, on DVD, on the web, and in public venues.

At our Beachwood Studios Production Center, EDR provides advertising agencies superb production, post-production, and file conversion services to create commercials for broadcast, narrowcast, and the web. We also offer a comprehensive spectrum of production and post-production services, including file transmission.

Retail Media
EDR provides national retailers with content development services for digital signage, point-of-purchase media, and interactive kiosks. Our platform-independent approach lets us deliver high-impact media content using the technology that best meets our clients’ needs. We also offer a full spectrum of retail network management services.

Hotels & Casinos
Casinos, resorts and upscale hotels turn to EDR for innovative media applications that enhance the guest experience and build revenues. Services range from casino merchandising, to in-room media, to digital signage, to interactive kiosks, to property-wide custom media design and implementation.

Sports Media
EDR delivers high-impact content that today's media-savvy sports fans expect. Our concepts enhance the fan experience throughout the sports venue – with scoreboard crowd-pleasers, revenue-generating digital signage, large-scale special event messaging, and tie-ins to mobile media.

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