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Beachwood Studios Production Facility


EDR can revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. Our retail media networks digitally deliver custom-branded messaging targeted by region and location, letting you refresh high impact content in real time. The same system can also help you communicate more effectively with your employees. And EDR’s platform-independent approach ensures a solution customized to meet even the most complex messaging needs.

Digital Signage

With pioneering projects as early as the 1980s, EDR is a recognized leader and innovator in digital signage at retail. Our high-impact messaging builds the retailer’s brand, informs and entertains the shopper; promotes products, and provides an advertising revenue stream. The result? Shoppers stay longer, remember what they see on-screen, buy more, and enjoy an enhanced shopping experience.

Point-of-Purchase Media

EDR understands the power of communicating to shoppers right at point-of-purchase. Our media has introduced new products, conveyed special offers, and provided how-to tips – all translating into on-the-spot sales.

Interactive Kiosks

Engaging the customer to participate makes a connection that builds brand loyalty and stimulates sales. EDR has created interactive kiosks that allow shoppers to learn more about products and services, select the item that fits their needs, and access convenient tips to improve their everyday lives.

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