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Beachwood Studios Production Facility


Today’s media-savvy sports fan expects the exceptional – in the stadium, on the scoreboard displays, and beyond. Through results-driven media that respects your budget, we’ll help you deliver the type of unforgettable fan experience that builds team loyalty; promotes ticket sales, merchandise and services; and provides new revenue opportunities for your franchise.

Scoreboard Media

EDR knows how to use media to “pump up the volume.” We create graphics packages that reinforce franchise identity; game opens and player line-ups that motivate the crowd; and special event media that thrills everyone at your venue.

Digital Signage

Once your fans are through the turnstiles, how do you get them to buy more, stay longer, and come back more often? Digital signage systems in the concourses, private suites, concession, and retail areas can promote food, merchandise, guest services and special event fun.

Mobile Messaging

When you have a captive audience of thousands of fans, you have a unique opportunity to get immediate marketing results – with mobile messaging. Tie in your digital signage and scoreboard media to text-based messaging about promotions, events, and loyalty programs, and watch the response. EDR can also help you explore how this innovative technology can provide an additional revenue stream.

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