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Connect with Your Customers Where & When it Counts Most

MobileVu™ helps you target your mobile marketing programs to reach and engage customers on their mobile devices. EDR Media now offers a line-up of dynamic mobile marketing plans for one-on-one messaging and promotions.


MobileVu™ Basic Messaging Service

Using basic messaging service features on all mobile phones, customers can text pre-defined messages to your short code and receive information, coupons, or promotional opportunities that may be managed and tracked by your marketing department. It’s a very simple way to build loyalty and sales lift in-store and beyond.


MobileVu™ Call-in Service

The fastest and easiest way to engage customers is to give an easy-to-remember number and keyword (like “Pizza”) so they can reach you in an instant. Customers simply call #250 from any mobile phone and are then connected to voice or text messages or can talk to a customer representative.


MobileVu™ 2D Barcode Service

New 2D barcodes store far more information than old bar codes and can be captured and sent with mobile cameras. Then, customers can be connected to websites or receive coupons and important information, based on correlated information. These new codes bring a whole new dimension to mobile marketing.


MobileVu™ Location-Based Service

With LBS, mobile marketing can be far more proactive and effective. After an opt-in process, customers with smart phones can be sent messages that are based on where they are. Whether on-property or at other pre-defined hot-spot locations, LBS techniques allow you to set up business rules and tailor unique loyalty programs for your customers.


MobileVu™ and Digital Signage

EDR can integrate your mobile marketing programs with digital signage merchandising systems to promote the mobile numbers you want customers to use. We will help you craft the right approach to successfully reach your target audience and take your marketing and merchandising programs to the next level. We know how to put digital media to work for you.


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