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Beachwood Studios Production Facility

September, 2005


Beachwood Studios is completing production and post production on six television series, representing 127 half-hour episodes scheduled for the 2005-2006 season.

Its creative team is in the final stages of production on two 5-part Workshops for the DIY Network. Ready As She Grows and Ready As He Grows transform a boy’s bedroom and a girl’s bedroom to keep them current as a child grows up, from infancy through college. Beachwood Studios’ production manager created a generic bedroom on one of the Company’s in-house stages, where room renovations were demonstrated step-by-step. The production team also went on-location to capture sound bites from parents, children, and child development experts. The how-to series, hosted by Jack Hourigan, will air nationally in 2006.

Beachwood Studios has also provided production and post-production services for five other series in 2005: Hands On Crafts for Kids (one 13-show season), Scrapbook Memories (two 13-show seasons), America Sews (two 13-show seasons), America Quilts (two 13-show seasons), and Beads, Baubles and Jewels (two 13-show seasons). These programs will be distributed via the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), which specializes in the distribution of how-to and lifestyle shows. They will air on public television stations throughout the country as well as the Family Net cable network.

Beachwood Studios, a trade name of EDR Media, is a respected content developer for broadcast television. It enjoys established relationships with leading networks and has a track record of award-winning series and specials in the lifestyle, "how-to" and documentary categories. To date Beachwood Studios has produced over 600 half hour episodes and one hour specials. Its Production Center houses a full staff of program developers as well as comprehensive video and audio production and post-production facilities.

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