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Beachwood Studios Production Facility

March 16, 2006


Partnership Enriches Both Companies and Offers Retailers a Powerful Promotional and Content Development Solution for Burgeoning In-store Media Applications

In-Store Broadcasting Network (IBN) and EDR Media LLC (EDR) jointly announced today that the companies have completed a strategic partnership alliance that offers marketers and advertisers powerful in-store messaging solutions that influence consumer behavior at the point of sale.

"Leading retailers see in-store media programs as their vehicle for realizing their potential of becoming large, high-reach and high-frequency media networks" said Rob Brazell, CEO for IBN. "We evaluated the major digital media content providers in the industry and found EDR Media to be the clear leader at creating and managing custom in-store content that, importantly, differs significantly from traditional television or radio content. In addition, we were pleased to see that EDR shares our commitment to quality and that the company's mission matches our vision for integrated in-store digital media networks."

Retail media studies indicate that consumers feel they benefit from in-store media if executed properly. Pierre Bouvard, President of Arbitron Retail Services, stated: "It's tremendously appealing because it permits terrific reach and frequency at the place where it has incredible influence -- at the point of sale."

"Our strategic alliance with EDR furthers our mutual objectives in creating properly executed content specific to the retail environment," added Brazell.

IBN is one of the nation's largest media networks, distributing integrated, place-based audio, video and digital display advertising into the retail environment through a process called PerfectMediaTM. EDR has built an award-winning reputation for its core expertise in brand image-based video messaging and digital media networks. The IBN-EDR partnership comes at a time when a growing interest in the use of sophisticated media applications at retail has been fueled by the introduction of more efficient and cost-effective digital content management technologies and decreasing costs for high-end hardware systems such as large flat-panel screens.

"This partnership brings two highly-experienced in-store media providers together, each with a complementary strength, and each with a reputation as 'best in class' in their area of expertise," states Peter Vrettas, EDR's CEO. "Now retailers, product marketers and advertisers can turn to a single, highly-experienced source for content creation and strategic distribution of their messaging."

About In-Store Broadcasting Network

In-Store Broadcasting Network, based in Salt Lake City, UT, is one of the largest retail media companies in the United States, and is the only electronic retail media provider which is measured according to traditional broadcast media standards. The IBN network encompasses 1 billion shopper visits per month in over 15,000 grocery and drug stores within the US and Canada. IBN deploys proprietary, patented technology and systems comprising "PerfectMediaTM," a uniquely synchronized and integrated media combination including audio, video, and other digital targeting technologies and methods that deliver advertising messages guaranteeing audience reach. IBN recently partnered with retail giant Kroger to install a sophisticated multi-media network deployment across the 2,500 store chain and to provide third-party advertising and retailer-specific content. More information is available at www.ibnads.com.

About EDR Media

Located in Beachwood, Ohio and Las Vegas, Nevada, EDR Media is a leading content provider for retail media networks, having served national chains like Best Buy, Costco, HEB Grocery, Honeywell/ADI, and Red Lobster. EDR specializes in creative, customer-centric programs that educate, entertain, and enhance the customer experience at retail stores, restaurants, banks, and hospitality sites. The company's dynamic media solutions deliver a relevant shopping experience, and differentiate clients from the competition. EDR owns and operates Beachwood Studios Production Center, a full-service audio, video, and graphics production facility. In addition to its retail media business, EDR creates broadcast programs and commercials, and has over 30 years experience in developing business media for leading companies and organizations.

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