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Beachwood Studios Production Facility

June 2006


EDR Media announces the premiere of "Ready As She Grows" and "Ready As He Grows," two DIY workshop series produced by EDR's Beachwood Studios. The 2 five-part workshop series will be broadcast on the DIY Network July 10-14 and July 17-21 at 6:30 pm.

"Ready As She Grows" takes an undecorated girl's bedroom and decorates it again and again to correspond to key childhood growth phases - from infant through high school and beyond. "Ready As He Grows" follows the same developmental path for a boy's room. In keeping with the DIY Network's philosophy, the shows provide detailed "how to" steps for the viewer, both on screen and via the Web. The two series are hosted by Jack Hourigan, star of the Food Network show "How To Boil Water," and Steven Eyerman, the Warrensville Heights based designer and actor.

Scripps selected EDR Media as its show producer because of EDR's track record of excellence with a sister network, HGTV. The Company's Beachwood Studios Production Center produced over 100 episodes of the award-winning "Room by Room" decorating show. EDR's "Room by Room" producer Jane Temple headed up the "Ready As She/He Grows" project, together with other "Room by Room" veterans Warren Brown (production manager) and Gary Gottschalk (senior videographer).

For EDR Media these two series enhance its roster of broadcast shows, which includes "America Sews," "America Quilts," "Beads, Baubles and Jewels," "Scrapbook Memories," "Hands-On Crafts," and 'Bake, Decorate and Celebrate.' EDRs CEO Peter Vrettas says, 'We are thrilled to have the DIY Network seek us out to produce these two very entertaining series. Our participation reinforces the fact that broadcast show production continues to be a focal point for this company, since it exemplifies our commitment to the highest possible video production standards."

EDR Media develops and produces a broad range of digital media, including broadcast television shows, radio and television commercials for advertising agencies, corporate video and interactive programs, and content for retail media networks. Full-service audio and video production and postproduction services are provided on-site at the firm's Beachwood Studios Production Center.

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